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Blue Ceramic Candle Container with StarsStarry Night Candle Container - Blue Ceramic
Large Candle Bowl - Libbey 762White Candle Bowl - Libbey 762
Libbey 851 Candle ContainerWhite Libbey 851 Candle Bowl
Candle Lantern ContainerTapered Apothecary Jar
Pink Frosted Candle Container - Libbey 2339Pink Candle Container - Frosted Glass
Colored Candle Tins - Geometric DiamondsMint Green Candle Tin
Luxury Ceramic Candle ContainerGreen Ceramic Candle Container
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Colored Candle Tumber - Libbey 2917Libbey 2917 Candle Tumbler with Lid
Sandblasted Glass Candle ContainerLuxury Glass Frosted Candle Container
Pink Candle Container - 12oz Candle JarWholesale Candle Containers - 12oz Pink Candle Jar
Red Candle ContainerRed Glass Candle Holder - Wholesale
Status Jar - Upscale Glass Candle Container - 2 Sizes2 Ounce Libbey Status Jar
Two Tone Ceramic Candle Container with Gold AccentWhite Ceramic Candle Container w/ Gold Ring

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