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Blue Ceramic Candle Container with StarsStarry Night Candle Container - Blue Ceramic
Large Candle Bowl - Libbey 762White Candle Bowl - Libbey 762
Libbey 851 Candle ContainerWhite Libbey 851 Candle Bowl
Candle Lantern ContainerTapered Apothecary Jar
Copper Mercury Glass Votive Candle HolderVotive Mercury Glass Candle Container
Libbey 918 CD Frosted Glass Candle ContainerFrosted Libbey 918 CD Candle Jar
Frosted Candle Jar with LidFrosted Libbey Candle Container with Lid - 918CD
Pink Frosted Candle Container - Libbey 2339Pink Candle Container - Frosted Glass
Colored Candle Tins - Geometric DiamondsMint Green Candle Tin
Luxury Ceramic Candle ContainerGreen Ceramic Candle Container
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Gray Candle TumblerGray Libbey Candle Container - 12.5oz
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Colored Candle Tumber - Libbey 2917Libbey 2917 Candle Tumbler with Lid
Sandblasted Glass Candle ContainerLuxury Glass Frosted Candle Container
Paint Can Candle Tin Container10 oz Metal Candle Tin w/ Cover
Pink Candle Container - 12oz Candle JarWholesale Candle Containers - 12oz Pink Candle Jar
Red Candle ContainerRed Glass Candle Holder - Wholesale
Status Jar - Upscale Glass Candle Container - 2 Sizes2 Ounce Libbey Status Jar
Two Tone Ceramic Candle Container with Gold AccentWhite Ceramic Candle Container w/ Gold Ring

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