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Custom Fragrance Creator

Creating your own custom fragrance blends is easy with our custom fragrance creator!

Make your business stand out from the competition when you use our 'single note' fragrances to create exactly the blend you are looking for.

Recipe idea cards available to give you some ideas on where to start or let your imagination run wild with endless fragrance possibilities!

Making your custom blend is easy - simply combine desired parts of fragrance until you get exactly the blend you are looking for. We always suggest weighing fragrance, however 5 'drops' of vanilla and 3 'drops' of lavender will still work. You can scale up the blend and do 5 ounces or 5 pounds to fit your batch size, just make sure the ratios are the same.

Custom fragrance blends can be used in candles, soaps, lotions, perfume, baby products, face creams, body wash, and other cosmetic, bath, and body products up to the maximum amount listed for each fragrance oil.

We suggest blending a variety of top, middle, and bottom notes in your custom fragrances to give you a deep and complex blend.

Top Notes:
Top notes are light molecules that evaporate quickly. They provide the first impression of a scent and are very important for creating an impression. They are often a driving factor for selling products. Top notes are sometimes called head notes.

Middle Notes:
Middle notes are perceived most notably after the top note dissipates. Middle notes are the main body of a fragrance and help transition noses to the bottom notes. Middles notes are also known as heart notes.

Bottom Notes:
Bottom notes are heavy molecules that evaporate slowly. Bottom notes gives scents depth and longevity. They are often used as fixatives to help boost the strength of top and middle notes, and may take 30 minutes until perceived in a blended scent. Bottom notes are also known as base notes.

Bulk orders of 25 pounds or more of the same fragrance may require 10-14 days lead time.

Fragrance Blending Ideas