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Adult Themed Bath Bomb Mold

C Day - DB Bath Bomb Moulds

  • $10.85

C Day Bath Bomb Mold

This adult themed bath bomb mold will have you feeling better in no time!

Mold Size: 

Approx Finished Weight: 3.88oz / 110g each

Common Uses:
Bath Bomb Mold

Points of Interest: 
Manufacturer: DB Moulds
Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG)
Made in the United Kingdom

For tips on using the molds, project ideas, and to share experiences with other makers, join the DB Moulds Facebook Group!

You are purchasing a mold for making bath bombs. Images shown for illustrative purposes only.

Fragrance oils and essential oils, citric acid etc will degrade molds so it is best to wash out and dry immediately after use. With proper care, you can get 1000+ uses from a single bath bomb mold.

These bath bomb molds are all made on a vacuum former and are very robust. They have all been tested by a commercial producer of bath bombs to insure ease of use while maintaining details.

Please note: You may need adjust the 'moldability' of your bath bomb mix for use with these detailed molds. A mix that is too wet will stick and too dry will crumble. Packing the molds is also a key component. With a little bit of practice, anyone will be able to create professional looking bath bombs with ease! We are not able to accept returns on molds because of user issues with molding.

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