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Colonial Blue Candle Dye Chips

Candle Dye Chips - Colonial Blue

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Colonial Blue Candle Dye Chips

Our candle dye chips are convenient and easy to use. No messy liquids or trying to count drops, only to forget where you were at. Just add 1 chip for each pound of wax (suggested) and you're good to go!

Suggested Use: 1 Chip per 1 Pound of Wax. Soy and natural waxes often produce a more pastel color. Additional chips may be required to produce desired shade. Proper testing is required. Color image shown is in paraffin wax. We have found soy wax to require 2-3 chips per pound depending on desired shade.

Add candle dye chips when wax is at least 185 degrees but not hotter than 225 degrees. This will insure the chips dissolve fully and incorporate into the wax. Add dye chips before adding fragrance.

Works with most candle wax types. Not compatible with gel waxes.

Our candle dye chips are proudly made in the USA!

Coconut Wax Candle Dye - This is the easiest to use and best quality dye for coconut wax candles.

Colonial Blue Candle Colorant

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