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Amber Fragrance

Fragrance Creator - Amber

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Amber Fragrance Oil

Rich amber with hints of sandalwood and cedar wood.

This fragrance can be used as alone or combined with other fragrance creator options. Amber fragrance oil is best used as a bottom note to create your own custom fragrance.

Essential Oils Used: Cedarwood

Flashpoint: >200°    Vanilla Content: 0.80%
Country Of Origin:United States
Phthalate Free: True

Custom fragrance blends can be used in candles, soaps, lotions, perfume, baby products, face creams, body wash, and other cosmetic, bath, and body products up to the maximum amount listed for each fragrance oil.

All fragrance and essential oil sales are final. A small amount should be purchased and tested for compatibility. NorthWood Candle, LLC is not responsible for finished products made using our components. You are responsible for product testing, proper labeling, and adherence to all laws or regulations when using our products. Terms & Conditions

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels:

Body Lotion: 47.5% Body Wash: 8.89% Soap: 8.89%
Face Cream: 24.91% Body Powder: 3.55% Baby: 8.00%
Perfume: 15.83% Deodorant: 3.91% Lip: 0.00%

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